I book pet portrait commissions a few times a year (currently closed); I announce all new commission openings on my Instagram @petsbyCOS, and I’m doing my best to start booking again in September. Thanks for your patience. Send me a message for any questions.


— On Dec 28, 2017
“We love the picture of fur babies so much, we can’t stop admiring it.”

︎ Erin and Kevin

— On Jan 1, 2018
“Everyone was so impressed with the quality of your work and the uncanny likeness you were able to create of their furry friends. Thank you so much for helping to make Christmas such a success in my house.”

︎ Cristina

— On Dec 20, 2017

“I appreciate your professionalism! You took the time to ask my opinion and continue. The result is really amazing!”

︎ Elizabeth

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