My name is Catarina [pronounced K ah t uh REE n uh], I’m an Illustrator and a Graphic Designer, born in Lisbon, Portugal, but currently living in Toronto, Canada.I’m a food enthusiast who loves cooking, walking in nature, storytelling, Picture books, clever logos and slow traveling around the world (I spent 9 months backpacking around Asia in 2014).
I volunteer at my local cat shelter for cuddles and I have fun painting other people’s pets.
I’ve graduated as a Graphic Designer in 2005 and worked as an in-house designer for different companies until embracing Illustration as a full-time freelancer in 2014. 

Let's work together
I work in a wide range of styles so let’s make your project unique with a custom Illustration.
I’m always looking for creative collaborations, and am currently available to work on editorial projects, from board books to YA, as well on licensing commissions.

Get in touch
To request a quote for a new project or to say hello, use this contact form or email me at catarinaoliveirastudio@gmail.com
If urgent, cell is +1 (647) 832 5687 (Canada)

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